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Joan Carol at Barnes & NobleWritten by Country Music Hall of Famer, Cliffie Stone
with Joan Carol Stone
You Gotta Be Bad Before You Can Be Good

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"Cliffie's latest book, co-authored with his wife, provides the nitty-gritty details about how to use local talent shows to push your dreams into reality. Coverage is thorough; includes how to prepare for performances, deal with stage fright, and the ins and outs of artist financing, managers, and audiences. This book is simply a goldmine of information as well as a tome of encouragement…Recommended for music and/or vocational guidance collections in academic and public libraries."
LIBRARY JOURNAL (January 2000)Joan Carol promoting Cliffie's book

Cliffie StoneQuote
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"Cliffie's diverse knowledge of the business along with his many talents and kind heart have made him one of country music's best assets."
GEORGE STRAIT, CMA's Entertainer of the Year, 1989-90


PHOTO: Cliffie dictating “You Gotta Be Bad Before You Can Be Good".

Cliffie Stone Book Signing Cliffie and Joan Carol Roundtable


Cliffie StoneWritten by Country Music Hall of Famer, Cliffie Stone
with Joan Carol Stone

Everything You Always Wanted To Know About Songwriting But Didn't Know Who To Ask

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"Aspiring songwriters will love the inside look offered them by Country Music Hall of Famer Cliffie Stone…. Not only are there the nuts-and-bolts tips, but also hundreds of colorful and historical anecdotes about the business."

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"Who better to write a book about songwriting than Cliffie Stone! He's been involved in all aspects of the music business with not only great success, but also great integrity."
KENNY ROGERS, ACM's Cliffie Stone Pioneer Award; CMA's Hall of Fame Award


Dancing With A Memory

Book PromotionA priceless eclectic collection of classic and new tunes offered by Hall of Famer, Cliffie Stone, who sings them with ageless enthusiasm. Classics include:

"Divorce Me C.O.D." (cowritten by Stone with Merle Travis - reached #1 in Billboard, 1946)

"Dixie Cannonball" and "It's My Lazy Day" (both performed in Gene Autry movies).

New offerings include "I Only See You" and "Dancing With a Memory" (both recently hitting the top charts in Australia by other artists).

And the most requested song at his concerts, "A Little Sooner" - written and poignantly sung by Cliffie and his wife, Joan Carol.

PHOTO: Cliffie promoting “Everything…About Songwriting…” and his "Dancing With a Memory" CD on Nashville’s popular 50,000 watt radio station WSM-AM, which has broadcast the “Grand Ole Opry” every Saturday night since 1923. Standing (L to R): WSM Deejays - Johnny K, Jami Mayberry and Kyle Cantrell.




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